Landlord & Tenant Disputes

For many of us, buying and renting out properties seemed like a good way to invest our hard earned money and make additional income. However, when a tenant discovers a problem with the property, it is the responsibility of the landlord to put things right. This is when disputes can sometimes begin.

Problems with Tenancies

Whatever your reasons for becoming a landlord, managing and letting property can be complicated and you may experience the following types of problems:

  • You may wish to give notice to an occupant and obtain possession;
  • You may have a tenant who is failing to pay rent or breaking other terms of their tenancy;
  • Your property may require repairs and you may be concerned as to how these will be carried out with a tenant in occupation;
  • Your tenant may be complaining about defects at the property and you are unsure as to who is responsible for remedying those defects;
  • Your tenant may be complaining about a neighbouring tenant and you are unsure how to deal with the conflict;
  • Your tenant may have contacted the Local Authority about the property and you may be unsure as to how to deal with Local Authority Regulations or whether your property should be licensed/registered.

Whatever your concerns, our landlord and tenant solicitors can assist and represent you in finding a solution to your problems.

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