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A Mother's Day for Everyone

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Mother’s Day is a special day where people take time to treat their mother and thank her for all that she does/has done in their lives. For most, it is a day of happiness and celebration but for some, it may be a day to dread. For those who have recently lost a mother or a child for example, the day is likely to be very difficult. Similarly, for women who are struggling to conceive, the day can act as an unhelpful and painful reminder of what they want so dearly.

As Andrea Mechanick Braverman, a health psychologist from Pennsylvania who specialises in infertility counselling says, the day can mark “Another anniversary of a year gone by without a baby — and a holiday that specifically excludes you.”

Positively, the science surrounding fertility is much more advanced than it was in the past. Treatments have higher success rates and alternative routes such as using a sperm donor or surrogate mother are more readily available and socially acceptable. Notwithstanding this, many women are left struggling to realise their dream of becoming a mother.

Women’s Life & Wellness Coach, Melody Pourmoradi, in an article in the Huffington Post looks at ways that others can support women who are facing fertility problems on Mother’s Day. She says ‘This Mother’s Day, I invite you to find a way to acknowledge and honor the women who are fighting for the beautiful privilege of creating a life.’ Melody suggests reaching out to these women, making clear that you are there for them in whatever way they need. She also suggests sending them a thoughtful note and encouraging community support.

It is also perhaps important to remember on Mother's Day what the day actually celebrates- it celebrates an individual who is typically supportive, loving and inspiring. If being a family lawyer has taught me anything, it is that people can be these things to people in a number of different ways, and that this role is not limited to the mother / child dynamic.  I have seen a myriad of family set ups with a number of individuals that deserve to be celebrated in the same way as a mother does. This day should look to celebrate all those individuals who offer us help and care to get through the difficulties life can bring, whoever they may be.

We at Forming Families want to support all individuals in realising their dreams of becoming parents. We offer legal advice on surrogacy arrangements, both domestic and international, adoption and fertility law. Our experienced team of immigration and family lawyers know the struggles that many people go through, and offer help in a sensitive and pro active way.