Agency Agreements

A decision to enter into an Agency Agreement is not one that should be taken lightly. Agency law differs from general contract law, and it could be that an Agency structure is not the most appropriate choice for your business.


We aim to help businesses to choose the right sort of marketing structure for them by working with the business to fully understand:

  • The industry they are in
  • How they want to sell their product or service
  • How they want to interact with their customers or clients
  • How they want to manage people working on their behalf

Agency agreements are just one of the forms of marketing arrangements, and may require close supervision by the principal. For this reason, agency agreements may not be appropriate if:

  • The agent and principal are based a long distance away from each other (including overseas)
  • The principal does not have the time to supervise the contracts and work that the agent is conducting on their behalf
  • The principal wants to retain full control over who they contract with

However, if the principal does not want to give up control over the end contract (i.e. through a distribution agreement), then an agency agreement is almost certainly the best approach to take.

Important things to consider

Choosing the right lawyer is very important. Our Corporate Department has Agency Agreements experts with a wealth of experience in this field. We will go that bit further to really understand your business to help you decide if that arrangement is absolutely the right one for you.

Why use Fisher Meredith?

Fisher Meredith is an award winning London law firm with offices in Richmond, Surrey and Kennington, London.  Our commercial solicitors have an outstanding reputation for acting on behalf of individuals, businesses and organisations with highly successful results.

For 35 years, Fisher Meredith has developed a reputation for being approachable and “going the extra mile” for its clients whilst maintaining ethical and socially responsible standards.

Our Corporate solicitors have real-world experience not just of agency arrangements but also commercial experience in competitive and active industries. This experience helps to mark us out from the crowd in terms of the advice that we can give your business, and in addition through our network of Accountants, IFAs and Tax Advisors we can ensure that you have the best possible advice to grow and develop your business.

What should I do now?

If you are looking to enter into an Agency Agreement, or require advice on any issues relating to agency law, please contact Victoria Boid directly.

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